Saturday, November 17, 2007

Reviews: A study of the phenomena of video games as explained by graphs

Good afternoon!

I have decided that my blog will go in a new course. I have always enjoyed writing, and have recently rediscovered my passion for video games. So, for a limited time (perhaps longer if people enjoy it), I will be providing my own video game reviews. I'm not going to play every video game released, nor am I going to play most games released. I will play the ones that have good marketing campaigns. I'll play the ones we've heard about through the mass media, been waiting for, and want to know about.

And I'll review them. But unlike other review sites out there that offer menial pay to those dedicated writers that bring us reams of delicious information (God bless you), it's just going to be the high points of these games accompanied by graphs to better illustrate and support my opinion. After all, who would argue with such science?

Only young earth creationists, and you're not welcome here anyway!

So without further ado, I bring you my first review: BIOSHOCK: The World of Tomorrow, Yesterday!

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