Monday, August 13, 2007

Revelations and Tribulations of Man

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would like to present to you a series of related thoughts.

After giving the evidence due consideration and thought, I have determined a number of remarkable things all revolving around one key event. If you shall bear with me for but a moment, I will attempt to enlighten you in as brief a time as I can.

A man is many things to many people. Friend, companion, worker, mentor, fossilized skeleton discovered 10,000 years from now. And to all of these roles he assigns different personas based upon his experiences and thoughts. However, all of these things are still that man.

Ladies and gentlemen, they are still that man.

And that man, who may be a pillar of society in one scenario, may indeed have failings in other area which he might downplay. How he appears to the public in general is a result of decisions he makes. While many of these decisions are made away from the home, many can be linked in many ways to decisions made at home. Some of you might say: But Sean, WHY must we care about these decisions.

Because, dear friends and bliggosphere-goers. Because it is in these decisions that we are truly created. And because, dear potatoes... It is because of this singular reasoning I have decided to start sleeping not upon the bed, that creation designed singularly for rest (and perhaps reading or eating of a thing), but instead upon a simple aged couch.

Yes, friends. A couch. That which is many times a useless piece of furniture eschewed in favor of the popular loveseat or "easy" chair, does indeed make a comfortable resting place. As I look at it now, with pillow and blanket salvaged from my bed, it does look comfortable. And I tell you this: I do sleep well upon that couch.

Thus I have a new series of blugg entries in the making.. entitled the Revelations and Tribulations of Man. I plan on sleeping on a variety of surfaces over the coming weeks, and determining (for the furthering of the field of science) which of these is conducive to a good night's rest. Night one and two shall be on the aforementioned couch. This Wednesday I shall move to the smaller loveseat. Should I prove amenable to the rest... I shall spend a second night.

Finally, these shall be compared to a third area. The floor. This should take some preparation, as the floor is currently not the most desirable of substances to sleep on, and every effort will be made to eliminate confounding variables.

But Professor! Where is the CONTROL?!

I'm glad you asked, Jimmy. Beginning next Monday, I shall return to sleeping in my bed, and thus will establish a control to compare against.