Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Follies of Man

My friends, my great experiment has finally ended.

What began as the fever dream of a grizzled madman has come full circle and given me the knowledge necessary to advance the field of science.

I now know the answer to that question I sought to answer, and that answer is: No.

You see, I had originally endeavored to spice up my sleep schedule, as detailed below. However... nature bested me. Around the 3rd day in to the experiment, where I was slated to sleep on the carpeted floor... my air conditioning broke down. Seeing as how it was exceedingly hot in the apartment, I had to rearrange my sleeping methodology in order to better facilitate heat exchange.

Sadly, my experiment never continued. I lost hope for a suitable conclusion.

So, ladies and gentlemen... I have reached the conclusion that we are never to know the answer to that great question of sleep comfort.

I appreciate your time.

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